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Minelab X-Terra Voyager
Paul Cee Metal Detecting
Published by Paul Cee in Minelab X-Terra Voyager · 24 November 2023

Minelab X-Terra Voyager


paul cee crawfords metal detectors
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The Minelab X-Terra VOYAGER comes with high-quality wired headphones for target ID, a sturdy backpack to secure your essentials and a folding shovel to recover buried treasure including all the tools you need for detecting coins, jewelry and gold.
AUTOMATIC & ACCURATE. Switch between search modes to find specific types of treasure. When you're zeroing in on one, switch to Pinpoint Mode for even greater precision. Distinct audio and visual alerts identify discoveries before you dig.
EASY TO USE. The intuitive operation and large backlit screen 4" ×2" (10 cm x 5 cm) on the VOYAGER help make detecting a breeze, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the hunt rather than on complicated controls.
COMPACT & WATERPROOF. A lightweight, compact design allows you to carry it with ease. Easily adjust the height to suit adults of all sizes and children. The fully waterproof IP68 coil can go up to 3 ft deep so you can detect at the beach and in streams.
The Minelab Voyager is powered with 2 9v batteries

ideal metal detector for kids the minelab voyager

                    Minelab X-terra Voyager Spec

paul cee crawfords metal detectors
7 discrimination segements
99 Target I.d's
5 levels depth indicators
built in pinpointer

what search modes are on the minelab voyager
Search Modes All Metal, Jewellery, Custom and Learn

full metal detecting kit that is cheap

Collapsable to 28 in to fit in the included back-pack

minelab voyager screen and controls
Easy to use and understand screen

how waterproof is the minelab voyager
Waterproof Coil to 1mtr
Search Coil 11"x8.5" double D

this is the minelab logo

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