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sand scoops For Metal Detecting

Sand scoops
Looking at which sand scoops are the best for metal detecting beaches in the UK.
Where to BUY the best sand scoop shafts
Wooden sand scoop shafts, Stainless Steel Scoop Shafts, Fiberglass sand scoop shafts and Carbon Fiber sand scoop shafts.
Sand scoop D pull handles ( Motus Pull Handle)
Sand scoops come in various shapes and sizes but these are what we have used and found to be the best sand scoop and shafts out in the UK at the time
What to cover the sand scoop shaft in for extra grip
Stainless Sand scoop shaft
Coloured Heat Shrink for Sand scoop Shaft
Rubber O Rings for sand scoop shafts
MOTUS D Handle for sand scoop shaft

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