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Cheap metal detecting spades
Paul Cee Metal Detecting
Published by Paul Cee in digging tools · 18 April 2021

For a beginner to metal detecting lets have a look at stainless digging spades.

Metal Detecting digging spades come in all prices, shapes and sizes.
Price wise they can be very expensive and some are even very cheap.
We tested out a very cheap stainless steel digging spade that was advertised as being very strong, im my mind those 2 words do not go together, so intigued i bought one, from the internet.
Looking at the spade in places it seemed reasonable for the price but on closer inspection, i could see places that had flaws in the construction.
Undetered i took this out on a day metal detecting to try out, leaving my usually trusty Detecting spade at home..
I wonder how long it will last before the constuction of the spade finally gives way..

What are your thoughts on cheap digging tools?

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