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UkDN Magazine July 2017

Beach Tresure Hunting and metal detecting
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Just launched the July 2017 edition of Word magazine. It's the 119th edition of our magazine and is 48 pages long - not bad for a FREE magazine. This edition contains another great article on Celtic tribes and the sixth articles from the series on the coins of Henry III.
We want to try to hit near 1000 downloads so please make the effort and tell your detecting friends about it

Metal Detectorists help needed

Beach Tresure Hunting and metal detecting
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Heres your chance to get a feature in the very popular Metal Detecting Magazine UKDN

We need to ask for more member material for our UKDN Word magazine.  What the Team want is articles, stories and tales from the forum members. Whilst it is great having the odd wikipedia article in the magazine, after a long discussion the Team have reached a conclusion that you all would like to see stories of YOUR finds, pictures of YOUR finds and coins and tales of YOUR expeditions out into the fields.
If you are a member of a detecting club then get permission for us to print your club reports. If you go on a dig with your club then send us a write-up along with pictures of the finds so that we can include it in the next edition of Word.
It's YOUR magazine guys so we'd like it to include as much as possible about YOU.  
We also need cartoons, especially metal detecting related cartoons so if YOU are good at that sort of thing please contact one of the magazine team members or simply contact Brian & Mo' or another member of the Admin or Moderating Team.
Mystery Objects?  We ALL love them !!  Look through your crap boxes, do you have any mystery objects in there?  If you do, then take a picture and send it in along with details of metal composition and size and let's see if Word readers can idenitify YOUR mystery object :-)
Fancy yourself as a bit of an author? then send us your story or essay and we'll include it in a future edition of Word. Don't worry about the spelling or grammar because we have guys here who can sort all that sort of stuff out.
What we are saying in this email is that we want MORE material from YOU, the UKDN membership for inclusion into Word magazine.  Please have a think and see if you can contribute something to YOUR metal detecting magazine.
Thanks for reading now its time to get involved

Banknotes,coin spills,CTX3030,Beach metal Detecting

Beach Tresure Hunting and metal detecting
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Tags: ctx3030beachlincolnshire
Bit of a good day today on the beach Coinshooting with the CTX 3030, plenty of coins, some people must have plenty of discrimination set as there seemed to be lots of low denomination coins scattered about that haven't been detected, so when detecting is tough it all adds up, infact it came to quite a lot in total, a good day in all. Feel free to Subscribe on youtube

Detecting gifts, and accessories

Beach Tresure Hunting and metal detecting
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Grab them while stocks last

ctx3030 Ferrous coin Deep Beach program

Beach Tresure Hunting and metal detecting
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Tags: ctx3030ferouscoinbeachprogramme
Ideal For trashy/iron infested beaches, this program i made up for the Stock coil. Why the Ferrous/coin setting?
Well this setting kind of enhances signals from both ferrous and non-ferrous signals that are close together, rather than just seeing both good and bad targets together, and giving a signal that is either good or bad, it will give a signal for both targets as the coil passes over. The target trace option will show both the signatures, along with the tone and target id numbers. The Ferrous/Coin option works better in low mineralization areas with a many high ferrous targets. If the ground is highly mineralized then the high trash option would be better suited.
The Program i put together is the one i use most of the time and find some really deep targets, you Can get hold of it here
I hope you find this program useful. it may not be suited to where you detect so please use at your discretion, i have posted before about how people claim to have the best settings available but soil type and other conditions factor in so differant results could be expected, as i have found from experiance.

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