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My Finds and Stories of my Travels Metal Detecting around the UK metal detecting  beaches and fields, looking for lost treasures  and artifacts. I usually mainly metal detect beach as searching fields isnt really for me.
Although i will be found at some Metal Detecting Rallies in the UK

The Metal detector i use are.
XP Deus but not very often since the Minelab equinox has taken over
If you are new to metal detecting or thinking of taking up the hobby

I take many pictures on my travels, and also make videos for YOUTUBE. Many times i come home with more ringpulls and trash than you cold ever think possible, but that is the nature and reallity of beach metal detecting.

Also i get to help when people have lost a ring or their mobile phone while visiting the coast, if im already on that particular beach i can recover it, but for travelling to find an item, unfortunally it could incur a charge to cover fuel, other terms and conditions may apply also.
If you are a detectorist and want to be signed to the database please fill in the form here

Available from the online store are some metal detecting related gifts and accessories.

Some links are also on here to some suppliers of what i find to be the best Detectors and accessories for my beach detecting adventures.
who always go out of their way to get the right product, and also get to test new metal Detecting gear. And also Metal detecting Competitions and Giveaways

Weather and Tide Times for the coast of the UK are also here so its easy to get the moon, tide times and weather
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