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Minelab X-Terra 305
Metal Detectors


boast a radical new single frequency technology (VFLEX) that will guarantee you success in the field, where it matters. Does the X-terra 305 find Silver? does the x-terra 305 fing Rings?
Does the X-terra 305 find gold?

Minelab x-terra beach detectingx-terra beach detecting in the uk will it find things

Minelab's VLFEX technology uses state of the art digital and mixed-signal components to enhance standard single frequency technology by replacing most of the analogue circuitry with digital signal processing. The small amount of analogue circuitry still employed has been very carefully designed and calibrated to obtain the outstanding sensitivity, stability and repeatability required to match the performance of the processing in the digital domain. This radical departure from traditional approaches to metal detector design has been made possible by advances in electronics that power personal digital assistants, cell phones and high fidelity portable audio equipment. For the X-Terra user, this precision means dependable performance and improved immunity to environmental conditions such as ground mineralisation, electromagnetic interference and temperature variations. VFLEX technology requires coils that are accurately constructed and calibrated. Every time the detector starts up, the micro-controllers in the control box and the coil establish communication through a digital data link. Information about the coil is sent to the control box, so the detector "knows" what type of coil is attached and can set the correct operating parameters. This optimises the performance and also makes the detector 'future proof' in that it is capable of operating with different frequency coils.



Coil Cover

Minelab X-Terra 305 is a solid no-nonsense introduction to Metal detecting with Minelab metal detectors. A lightweight, easy to use, coin and treasure-hunting detector designed for the beginner looking for a more serious start or for the hobbyist who does not want or need the top of the range machine. The X-TERRA 305 is suitable for the whole family and there is even a short shaft available for keen youngsters. Despite being ultra-lightweight and so easy to use there is no compromise on quality or performance - Minelab’s designers used innovative, lateral thinking and the very latest in digital technology to design the X-TERRA Series of detectors.

Minelab has packed a lot of features and power into the X-Terra 305, making for an impressive all-purpose metal detector with a clean look and a simple, well laid out control panel. Target identification is via a numeric scale so with a little practice and experimenting you will soon know which targets to dig and which to leave behind.

The X-Terra 305's feature list is pretty impressive for metal detector of this price with much of the functionality found on a top of the range models. Custom notching allows you to tailor target selection to  your preferred targets and multi-tone targeting plays different combinations of the detector's tones for different targets. Once these tones are learnt, you'll rarely have to glance down at the display screen! Manual ground balance allows you to easily filter out background noise and mineralization, regardless of the ground type you may encounter. The std 9"concentric search coil is sharp and accurate and can easily penetrate to impressive depths for coins and similar objects.


   Minelab’s proprietary "True Digital" VFLEX technology, then new class of single frequency detectors – you can change the operating frequency simply by changing coils.
   Compatible with Medium Frequency (7kHz) and High Frequency (18.75kHz) waterproof coils – 6 accessory coil options offer increased versatility.
   Accurate Ground Balance capability with manual adjustment of 0-20, allows the user to adjust to ground mineralization easily.
   2 preset patterns, that can also be customised, plus All-Metal mode.
   Choice of 1,2 or 3 tone ID’s plus multi-tone Target ID (12) response. This allows greater flexibility in deciding how target signals are represented.
   Threshold adjustment, with a range of -5 to 25 allowing the user to set threshold to levels where slight variations from either very small shallow, or very large deep, targets can be noticed.
   Noise Cancel function with 3 manual settings allowing the user to pick the quietest channel for detecting.
   Rapid recovery Pin-Point with variable tone and graphical indicator.
   Target Volume adjust (0-10) allowing you to get more definitive audio information on each target.
   Depth indicator, updates continuously, even in Pinpoint mode.
   Positive reflective LCD display.
   4 x AA battery system
   Ultra lightweight, balanced design (only 1.3kgs).
Price includes Headphones, Coil Cover and batteries.
(UKmainland ex Highlands. - please call for postage cost)

Minelab Xterra 305 metal detector
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