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Brick acid or Kitchen cleaner
Coin Cleaning

Can you clean coins with brick acid?

While brick cleaning acid, also known as muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid, can be used to clean certain materials like bricks or concrete, it is not recommended for cleaning coins. Brick cleaning acid is a highly corrosive and strong acid that can cause severe damage to coins, especially those made of copper, silver, or other metals commonly used in coinage.

Using brick cleaning acid to clean coins can result in the following issues:

Corrosion: The acid can eat away at the surface of the coin, potentially causing irreversible damage.

Discoloration: The acid can react with the metal in the coin, leading to discoloration or changes in the coin's appearance.

Loss of Patina: Many older coins have a natural patina that develops over time. Cleaning with a strong acid like brick acid can strip away this patina, which can be desirable for collectors.

Risk of Harm: Working with strong acids like brick acid requires careful handling and protective equipment. There is a risk of harm to the user if proper safety precautions are not followed.

Harmful Fumes: Brick acid can release harmful fumes, especially if used in an enclosed or poorly-ventilated area. This can be dangerous to inhale.

Environmental Impact: Disposing of brick acid and the residue from the cleaning process can be harmful to the environment and may be subject to specific disposal regulations.

Potential Damage to Valuable Coins: If the coins you are considering cleaning have any historical or numismatic value, using a strong acid like brick acid can significantly reduce or even destroy that value.

If you have coins that you believe may benefit from cleaning, it's best to use milder methods like those involving vinegar or baking soda, and always exercise caution. However, for valuable or historically significant coins, it's strongly recommended to consult a professional numismatist or conservator before attempting any cleaning. They will have the expertise to assess the best approach for preserving the coin's value and integrity.

coin cleaning with brick acid, does it work or damge the coin
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