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Coins found metal detecting
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Coins found with a metal detector

When metal detecting on a beach, you can potentially find a variety of coins, depending on the history and activity in the area. Some common types of coins that people have found while metal detecting on beaches include:

Modern coins: These are coins that are still in circulation today. They can be made of various metals, including copper, nickel, and zinc.

Older coins: These can include coins from past decades or centuries. The age of the coins you might find will depend on the history of the area you are detecting in.

Foreign coins: Depending on the location of the beach and its popularity with tourists, you may come across coins from other countries.

Tokens or commemorative coins: These may have been lost or dropped by visitors to the beach.

Pirate or shipwreck coins (less common but possible in certain coastal areas with a history of maritime activity).

Relics or artifacts: While not technically coins, you may find items like old buttons, buckles, or other metal objects that have historical or cultural significance.

Remember, the types of coins you find will vary greatly depending on the specific beach, its history, and the level of human activity in the area. It's always a good idea to research the history of the location you plan to metal detect in to get an idea of what you might find. Additionally, make sure you follow any local laws or regulations regarding metal detecting on public beaches.
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