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ultrasonic cleaner to clean coins
Coin Cleaning

Can you use and ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning coins?

Yes, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean coins and jewellery. Ultrasonic cleaners use high-frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in a liquid (usually water or a specialised cleaning solution). These bubbles collapse and create small, high-energy shock waves, which help to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from the surfaces of objects.

Here's how you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean coins and jewellery:

Materials you'll need:

Ultrasonic cleaner: Make sure it's in good working condition and suitable for the size of the items you want to clean.

Cleaning solution: You can use a specialised jewellery cleaning solution or a mild dish soap diluted in water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the cleaning solution.

Water: Use clean water to fill the ultrasonic cleaner.

Soft brush: This can be used to gently scrub the items after they've been in the ultrasonic cleaner.

Steps to clean coins and jewellery with an ultrasonic cleaner:

Prepare the ultrasonic cleaner:

Fill the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner with clean water. Add the recommended amount of cleaning solution according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Pre-rinse the items (optional):

If the coins or jewellery are heavily soiled, you may want to give them a quick rinse under running water to remove loose dirt or debris.
Place the items in the cleaner:

Arrange the coins or jewellery in the ultrasonic cleaner, making sure they are not touching each other and have space for the cleaning solution to circulate around them.
Run the ultrasonic cleaner:

Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner and let it run for the recommended amount of time. This can vary depending on the specific cleaner and the level of cleaning required.
Inspect the items:

After the cleaning cycle is complete, carefully remove the items from the ultrasonic cleaner.
Scrub (if necessary):

For particularly stubborn or intricate areas, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub the items. Be cautious with delicate jewellery or coins with fine details.
Rinse and dry:

Rinse the items thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. Dry them using a clean, lint-free cloth.
Inspect the items again:

Examine the coins and jewellery to ensure they are now clean to your satisfaction.
Important tips and considerations:

Avoid using harsh chemicals: Stick to mild cleaning solutions to prevent potential damage to the items.

Check for loose stones or fragile settings: If you're cleaning jewellery, make sure there are no loose stones or delicate settings that could be affected by the ultrasonic cleaning process.

Test a small area first: If you're unsure how an item will react to the ultrasonic cleaner, test a small, less visible area first.

Follow manufacturer's instructions: Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for both the ultrasonic cleaner and the cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be a very effective and efficient way to clean coins and jewellery, but it's important to exercise caution, especially with valuable or delicate items. If you're uncertain about the suitability of the ultrasonic cleaner for a particular item, consider seeking advice from a professional jeweller or numismatist.

Ultrasonic cleaner to clean coins
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