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Minelab Manticore, Equinox and X-terra pro battery

Pwr-Nox Power Pack for Minelab Detectors

Double the battery life and detecting time of your Minelab Equinox, Minelab Manticore and minelab x-terra Pro with the Pwr-Nox Power Pack.

This lightweight, compact unit fits neatly to the upper stem via the arm cup screw and its front clip. Connect to the control Equinox box using the standard Equinox USB charge cable.
minelab power pack for Manticore, Equinox and X-terra pro metal detectors
The fully charged power pack has the same capacity as the standard Equinox  rechargeable battery, effectively doubling your time detecting without needing to charge.

Battery for minelab Manticore, Equinox and x-terra pro metal detectors
The unit can be recharged with the included USB to Micro-USB charge lead, taking power from a mains adaptor, vehicle output or almost any USB enabled power source.

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Can also be used with other detectors that allow USB charging

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