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Anderson Carbon Fibre shafts
Sand scoops

Anderson Neptune Carbon Fibre sand scoop shafts.

Are one of the best sandscoop shafts i have ever used, available in a single length carbon shaft or a 2 part carbon shaft, this one is fitted to the American made T-Rex sand scoop, and the 2 piece carbon travel shaft is fitted to a SITO sand scoop.
Anderson shafts also make the 2 part carbon shaft and single piece shafts for the Motley Sand scoops
Anderson Shafts are top-of-the-line Carbon Fibre shafts. These shafts are not only incredibly sturdy but also offer the convenience of a single part or a 2-part carbon travel sand scoop shaft. Perfect for metal detecting on beaches, these carbon fibre shafts are the best choice for any serious metal detector enthusiast. Upgrade your equipment today and experience the durability and functionality of Anderson Carbon Fibre shafts.
anderson neptune sandscoop shaft uk
anderson netune sandscoop shaft uk
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