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Burgon and Ball Stainless Small Spade
Digging tools

Lightweight spades for metal detecting

A small, compact and lightweight spade, ideal for detecting. The tread at the top of the blade gives added comfort to your foot when pushing down on tough soil. The mirror finished stainless steel not only prevents rust, but allows the blade to move cleanly through soil with minimal resistance.
The short handle is crafted in FSC certified ash, which is both strong and light. The handle is topped with a comfortable 'Y' grip, double riveted at the base for strength. An extra-long, double-riveted strapped socket introduces strength and an element of flex at this key joint.
This is one seriously good spade for metal detecting very light and easy to use

FSC Certified hardwood ash
Stainless Steel
Head Dimensions
170 x 135mm
Length Overall
Burgon and Ball Stainless Small Spades are Crafted with high-quality stainless steel, this durable metal detecting spade is a must-have for any serious treasure hunter. Its tough wooden shaft provides the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, making it an ideal shovel for recovering metal detecting finds. With its long-lasting construction, the Burgon and Ball Stainless Small Spade is sure to withstand the rigors of your treasure hunting adventures. Discover why having a reliable spade is essential for successful metal detecting!
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