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Minelab X Terra Elite
Paul Cee Metal Detecting
Published by Paul Cee in Minelab X Terra Elite · Monday 03 Jun 2024

Minelab X Terra Elite Review

Minelab X Terra Elite Review

Welcome to the Minelab X Terra Elite, the new metal detector from Minelab.

The X Terra Elite has features built in from the Minelab Manticore and the Equinox Range of Metal Detectors.
Starting with the Multi IQ this allows you to Detect on fields and beaches with ease, no fiddly settings to adjust to get you started just select where you want to detect adjust the sensitivity and away you go detecting.

features for the Minelab X Terra Elite and metal detecting on the beach
Other Features include a new feature for the X Terra range which is the F.E. Setting which helps finding good targets in Iron, a higher setting lets the detector help you find less trash and more treasure, the lowest setting is for the Experianced user who wants to find every last piece of treasure in what they think could be a hunted out area.
how good is the Minelab X Terra Elite
The X Terra pro comes in 2 packages the basic package and the Expedition pack which includes wireless headphones and additional search coil.
Other features of the X Terra Elite are vibration on the handle, Ideal if you are hard of hearing and also a red backlit screen Minelab X Terra Elite Backlit Screen
adjustable audio with multiple choices of tones. target discrimination settings can be fine tuned to find only your desired targets or an all metal mode to find eveything metal under the search coil.
Take a look at the video to see the new features and how good the X Terra Elite is for metal detecting on the beach in iron to see what treasures can be found using settings at the maximum. (Basic starter settings)

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