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Minelab Manticore Settings
Paul Cee Metal Detecting
Published by Paul Cee in minelab manticore settings · Wednesday 14 Feb 2024
what are the best settings for a minelab manticoresetting up a minelab manticore with the best settings for beach and fields

Minelab Manticore Best Settings

Dont get caught up in the Best settings saga for the Minelab Manticore or Equinox.
What we have seen over and over is people using other peoples settings in the Manticore whether its beach or land, learning to adjust the settings and what the settings do is a real game changer for your detecting experience.
You may find coins and relics using these settings but you are NOT using the PRO features of the Manticore to its full potential, some of the settings we will look at are like having a MINELAB Engineer working with you, you can change to suit the enviroment and gain full power in that area for the Manticore.
These Video tutorials are Brought to you by Minelab Engineers and Minelab Detexperts Luc Van Assche and Paul Cee so they are Not in this for a popularity vote or Money, they are here to help..

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your Minelab Manticore metal detector? Look no further!

We will guide you through the best settings to maximize your treasure hunting experience with the Manticore on fields and beaches.
Whether you're a seasoned detectorist or just starting out, getting the manticore  settings correct will help you uncover hidden coins and relics with ease.
Get ready to take your metal detecting game to the next level with the Minelab Manticore!
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