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Paul Cee Metal Detecting
Published by Paul Cee in beach metal detecting · Saturday 03 Feb 2024

Gold watch found metal detecting on the beach

A sunny morning along the coastline of Cleethorpes a seaside town on the east coast of the uk.
Paul set out on a mission to recover a valuable watch which had been lost the previous day by a lady while enjoying a beach day with her family. The watch held sentimental value as it was a gift for a birthday from her late mother.
The beach had been cleaned by the sand cleaner the day before so the possibility that it had been swept up by that was a possibility.

Equipped with determination and his trusty Minelab Equinox 900 metal detector, Paul headed to the beach. The Minelab Equinox 900 was renowned for its advanced Multi IQ technology, capable of detecting various metals with precision and accuracy. Paul carefully adjusted the settings on his detector to suit where he was detecting, changing the Equinox target tones and recovery speed, eager to try and find the lost timepiece buried beneath the sandy surface.

As he strolled along the shoreline, the rhythmic waves whispered tales of the sea, creating a calming backdrop to his search. The Minelab Equinox 900 threshold hummed softly, signalling Paul that it was ready for action. With each sweep of the detector, a symphony of beeps filled the ML 105 headphones, teasing him with the possibility of discovery.

After a series of false alarms triggered by ring pulls and lost coins,
Paul's excitement intensified when the Equinox emitted a distinct, promising tone very similar to a pop can. With precision, he pinpointed the spot and started digging with sand scoop. The sand yielded to reveal a metallic glimmer – it was the lost watch, nestled in a small depression beneath the surface.
gold watch found metal detecting on the beachgold watch found with a metal detector
gold watch found metal detecting on the beach

Paul couldn't believe his luck and joy. The watch, slightly damp but otherwise unharmed, gleamed in the morning sunlight. Gratitude washed over him as he cradled the recovered timepiece in his hands. The Minelab Equinox 900 had proven its worth, turning what seemed like an impossible task into a triumphant success.

A phone call was returned to the lady who lost it and it was returned the next day, with another donation to the RNLI.

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